• Pro Wrap Trimmer Cover

Protecting Your Equipment

Welcome to Pro Wrap!

Pro Wrap is a manufacturer of high quality small engine equipment covers for the outdoor power industry.

We use the finest materials to ensure a durable product that will last for years.

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Why Cover Your Power Equipment?

Protecting your valuable power equipment with Pro-Wrap makes dollars and sense!

Pro Wrap Trimmer Covers help eliminate problems caused by the elements that can shorten the life of your equipment. Wind driven rain causes rust and soaks air filters. The sun’s destructive ultra violet rays fade color and make fuel lines brittle. Airborne dust can find its way into fuel, hydraulic, and electrical systems while transporting your equipment. Pro Wrap covers help prevent these invaders before they cause problems!

About Our Products

Pro Wrap Trimmer Covers are made with high quality, heat resistant material. Designed with the busy worker in mind they install in seconds. Simply pull the cover over your equipment, tighten the rope, and slide the lock into position.

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